Hi there, my name is Kevin and I grew up around cameras.  My grandad had a huge selection of medium format and standard 35mm SLR cameras, my Dad also loved his cameras with a kit comprising mainly of Yashica bodies and Zeiss lenses.


Living in Farnborough, Hampshire, (on the flight path for the Farnborough International Airshow) I soon developed (get it?) a taste for taking pictures of the planes.  Using one of my Dad's cameras I'd copy him and from 12 onwards each year there was an airshow I'd be there.


Since then I've built up my own kit of Contax/Zeiss 35mm SLR's and added a Canon Eos500D into the mix as well.  Though I still photograph planes at any given opportunity, my subject matter has shifted more to landscape, wildlife, and weddings.  My equipment has recently seen an upgrade from Eos500D body to Eos70D body, with some new lenses too.  All in the efforts of further improving.  


Photography for me is an escape from reality and it gives me the chance to see the world from many different perspectives

Kevin Ashford


Hi my name is Paula,


I have been interested in photography for a number of years, from general photography to underwater.


I got into using a DSLR when my daughter came home and said she wanted to do Photography as a GCSE.  So we joined Bickington Photographic Club and started with compact cameras and then progressed to a Canon Eos D  each.  From there we have gone from strength to strength and I'm loving my photography!

Paula Johans

Social Media & Marketing

2019 sees my return to the admin team after a couple of years away.  This time I'm responsible for Social Media, from Facebook and Twitter to our brand new YouTube Channel.

You all know me, so I'm not writing a Bio, in fact I'm not writing any of this, Kevin is!

It is great to be back onboard the admin team, and we're all enjoying our sixth year so far, with so much more still to come.


Andy Manning

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Programme & Events Secretary

Hi, my name is Helen.


I am relatively new to working with a DSLR but have always had a love of photography and have a keen eye for artistic composition.


I am a creative person by nature and have been involved with amateur dramatics most of my life, however, due to a back injury I have needed a new outlet for my artistic flare.


Photography and Pyrography (wood burning) are now a big part of my life and I'm enjoying learning new skills all the time. 

Helen Ashford

General Secretary andCommunications

My Name is Lin,

I’m predominantly an underwater photographer, when many years ago I learnt to dive to keep my husband company, he bought me a Reef master film camera I had some success with a couple of my pictures appearing in the company’s gallery. 


I moved on to a digital compact Canon Ixus 90, giving me greater flexibility and creativity, winning underwater photographer of the month in sport diver.  I then moved on to a canon S120 along with additional lenses and a couple of strobes.   


Receiving a Canon bridging camera one Christmas meant that I was now moving my photography to terra firmer, I have now moved on to a Canon DSLR which I love.  Opening up a whole new world of creativity! 


I still use my S120 for my underwater photography and that wont change but like all things creative we never stop learning and growing. On land my interest is mainly street photography. I found the club a great way of learning different genres and techniques.  I’m really lucky to be able to capture such diversity from ocean to city.

Lin Henson

Facilities Manager

Hi there I'm Ben Hosford,


I am in my second year of membership of Bickington Photographic Club.

Whilst I have taken photos for a number of years, my aim is to improve my photography and produce better images.


My interest has been primarily in landscape photography and I tend to focus on Dartmoor as it is so on the doorstep. 


I also enjoy travel photography and more recently have started to get into night time shooting as well.

Ben Hosford

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